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Handmade Sculpted and Design by Daniele Trovato







 I'm Daniele Trovato, the owner and founder of "Found Miniatures" , and today I'm very happy to introduce you my latest sculpture.


It is a unique piece of art that I worked on for so many months with a lot of passion and dedication.

If you know me, you already know that most of my sculptures are inspired by classic fairy tales.


And today I decided to create an adaptation of the famous novel "Beauty and the Beast".

The Original Novel (French: La Belle et la Bête) is a fairy tale written by French novelist Gabrielle-Suzanne Barbot de Villeneuve and published in 1740.


It focuses on the relationship between the Beast, a prince who is magically transformed into a monster, and Belle, a young woman whom he imprisons in his castle.


To break the curse, Beast must learn to love somebody and earn love in return before the last petal falls from an enchanted rose, or else the Beast will remain a monster forever.


In this sweet sculpture, I wanted to change the story by asking myself:


What would have happened if instead of a woman the beast had encountered three small peasant children?


This story tells the feeling of love, sweetness, fun, and playfulness, expressed towards three friends, three children who become the playmates of the beast and teach him again to feel love to somebody.

dsc07858 copia.jpeg

Available ONLY 28-29 January 2022


100% Satisfied or Refunded

High Quality

Totally Handmade Sculpted

If any piece is damaged, or the quality of the sculpture doesn't satisfy you, I will immediately execute a replacement or a full refund. Your satisfaction and joy are the most important thing to me as an artist.

Every single piece is a unique piece. Signed and numbered with a unique Certificate of authenticity. I check each  sculpture so that it is perfect in everything. I use the highest quality resin and assembly is easy to do

This sculpture is totally handmade. It took over 3 months of work to guarantee you a genuine work of art with a human touch, to give you superior artistic value.


The Kit

The kit consists of 11 easy-to-assemble
pieces. It is created in high-quality gray resin and we perform quality control for every single copy.


NOTE: This is not a toy, but a unique piece of art created for painters and collectors




Total height is  92 mm
Total width is 123 mm
Every child is about 25 mm​
The Beast is about  75 mm 




Frequently Asked Questions


When the miniature will be available?
The sculpture is available ONLY 28-29 January 2022 and ONLY for 48 hours

What is the price?
The cost of the complete kit is 65€+VAT (79€ total) 
The shipping cost is about 10€ and I can ship all over the world.
For multiple orders (>10), please contact me privately at info@foundminiatures.com just to plan shipping costs in advance


When my order will be shipped?
I plan to start the shipping process by end-February 2022, and I estimate to complete all of them by the first or second week of March 2022.
Of course, I'll update you about that.


Can you ship *here*?

Yes, I can ship all around the world. Basically, I've customers from Europe, United Stated, United Kindom, Australia, and Asia. If you have any doubts please write me at info@foundminiatures.com


Can I buy some of your previous sculptures?
Sorry, but you can't!
Most of my sculptures are true Limited Edition. Please don't offer me more money as happened in the past. This is embarrassing for me.
I do this to preserve the authenticity of my customers' purchase


Why only 48 hours?
This is simple. To be honest It is not a marketing strategy. The answer is simple: I'm not an entrepreneur. I'm a sculptor.
My philosophy isn't to create sculptures to make money but to make money to have the chance to sculpt other sculptures. If my art is still living is thank you all.
I prefer to make Limited Edition and earn less, but spend my time sculpting and not managing a business. Sad but true.


What if I forgot to place my order?
If you're registered to this mailing list, write me at info@foundminiatures.com by ONLY 2-3 weeks after the preorder was closed.


Will be my kit shipped painted and assembled?
NO! This isn't an Action Figure. This is an original Miniature only for collectors and painters. Part of the hobby is assembling and painting it. So all the kits will be shipped unassembled and unpainted


Is it difficult to assemble it ?

Not at all! All kits are created to be assembled in 15 minutes (except some advanced kits), but if you have problems, again, write me at info@foundminiatures.com


About me


I’m Daniele and I'm a professional sculptor

I sculpt miniatures for passion, and I find themselves a way to express my personal art.

Through them, I vent my ideas and my imagination.


Since 2017 I created my personal brand "Found Miniatures" where I offer my sculptures to the community. 

I've over 700 customers all over the world, and they're the greatest satisfaction in my life.

I hope that the love and passion that I use to create each individual piece will be a source of fun and happiness for you. :-)

My art site is dedicated to all people who love a miniature’s world and consider them as pure art as it is

dsc07858 copia.jpeg


Some of my latest works


Here are some of the sculptures I previously released on Found Miniatures

dsc07858 copia.jpeg



I've over 700 happy painters and collectors with me


For any question or info please contact me :-)

I'll answer you very quickly


Contact me via Messanger

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